On April 27, 2012, I sat on a city-bound train, toying with the idea of starting a year-long work exploring the interaction between text and image. In the space of track between Richmond and Flinders St, I conceived this project, titled ‘Clutch’, because it sought to grab, to collect, to make captive a moment every day for a year. That night, I uploaded the first two images with the following text:

‘I’ve always been an obsessive documenter of my existence. Diaries, journals, drunk books, photos, and most recently, film – I have this irresistible drive to eulogise my own existence, to romanticise and endow with nostalgia the brief time I spend on this planet, and the incandescent people and events that define my life.

And so. This project has no loftier aim than this – to bear witness to my days. It might not last a year. But the rules are simple. At least one photo, every day. It can be of anything, but it must be every day. And newly for me, each photo will also contain text. A thought, something I’ve read, a snatch of conversation I’ve overhead – a little handful of words that have struck me that day. I thought of waiting for some profound date to begin (I usually start these things on January 1st), but I felt like I spend enough of my life fretting about the arbitrary meaning we give to days and numbers, and besides, I’m excited now.

So now it is. Let’s go.’


Towards the end of the year, videographer Justin Batchelor aka Batchedit created a short documentary about the project.

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